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How to Score

Good in Assignments?

How to Score Good in Assignments?

Jan 25, 2019 | Posted by Paper_Planet | Academic | 0 comments

Assignment writing is a vital part ofAcademic Writingand its importance cannot be underestimated. A well-knitted assignment will help you score better GPA and will please your professors. At the opposite end, if you are not good at assignment writing, you might get in trouble because every semester, you will be assigned bundles of assignments at short notices. So you need to learn the art of assignment writing. It is not as simple as it seems, a good assignment requires quality research. After collecting the appropriate information, it’s very important to present that information precisely and wisely. Although it seems difficult, here we will give you step by step guidance in assignment writing.

Assignment writing is a compulsory part of your academic career, which demands you to demonstrate your ability to understand apply and analyze information. Professors analyze your knowledge on the subject through these assignments. In short, it is the key skill required to be successful as a research-intensive university.


Follow the simple style of writing free from jargons, complicated vocabulary and complex sentence structuring. In the classical format, assignment begins with a subject/title, an impressive introduction followed by the main body and the conclusion. Traditionally a five paragraph essay pattern is followed, but there is no hard and fast rule, you can add as many paragraphs in the main body as you want. The introduction should be precise and impressive and should clearly state the purpose of the assignment. Invest more time in writing introduction and conclusion because if they are exemplary and impressive, you will score high grades.


The linchpin of an appalling assignment lies in its reference. There are different methods of citation are used in different countries, but the standard ones are the Harvard referencing style, APA style, Chicago style, Oxford style and MLA. Ask your professors about citation and follow whatever style they recommend you.


A bibliography is a list of all the sources, including online websites, books, research papers, journals, articles or any other source which you have consulted in the process of your research (whether referenced or not).


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